The Three Things Everyone Needs to Know About the Ashley Madison Hack

Submitted by Reputation Stars.

ashley madison reputation managementThere are mixed emotions around the Web related to the most recent hacking of the Ashley Madison database. Close to 37 million people had their information leaked to outside sources without their consent. If you were one of those people, or just someone curious about the hacking and what’s next, here are the facts you need to know.

Potential Consequences

One of the most startling reveals from this leak was the staggering volume of .gov and .mil email addresses in use on the website. More than 15,000 people will face potential consequences that could include losing their government job, and that’s excluding everyone else with the basic “.com” extension. If the leaks aren’t contained, how long would it take for that information to destroy someone’s marriage or shatter the trust they have with friends and family?

Dealing with the Fallout

This means that millions are going to need serious help avoiding the backlash that comes with having information like that leaked. Websites trying to discredit these users are likely to host that information. Databases containing the leaked data might be left on torrent sites, where they can be freely distributed for years.

Without a proactive plan to manage the deluge of content coming in for your name, you will become overwhelmed by the coverage. This incident is big, and it’s been covered by major news sources. If your name becomes associated with the hacking, it might be very hard to remove.

Moving Forward

You’ll probably want to acquaint yourself with the term “reputation management.” This leak has potential to cause a major disruption to your personal life, so you must take steps to protect your reputation from harm.

To read the message Impact Team left for Ashley Madison and its users, click here. If you are looking to get your data removed from Ashley Madison click here.