3 Social Media Marketing Tools That Small Businesses Can Use

Does your social media marketing efforts add to your bottom line?

There are tools that can help you build your ROI given that social media is changing from an engagement driven environment to a conversion-driven one.

Here are 3 of these tools that will help you with your social media marketing:

1: Use Pointro for Local Marketing

When one talks of local marketing, it’s usually considered to be offline. Also, it is related to SEO which works towards getting visitors to your store after locating what you offer online.

This is where Pointro excel since it allows businesses to connect with customers in real-time. In fact, you’ll get a notification every time someone checks into your store or restaurant. Also, you’ll get photos taken by customers at your location which you can use to build brand loyalty.

2: Manage Satisfied Customers with ManageFlitter

Managing your relationship with satisfied customers can make your social media marketing efforts very successful. This is for the simple reason that they can influence other followers on your social media profile. Also, they will spread the word about your business across their network – much further than you can imagine. Most of all, they will help you convert undecided users too.

ManageFlitter is an excellent way to reduce your Twitter follower lists to only those who like and engage with your brand regularly.

3: Use Tweet Jukebox to Deliver Relevant Content

Social media automation is much more than scheduling posts while listening to social media conversations. You can save a lot of time too. Which brings us to Tweet Jukebox that does all this even if it is simple. You can select content from a number of libraries that will keep your users engaged. Best part: you can spend that time elsewhere.