The Role of Responsive Design in Email Marketing

Email marketing is constantly evolving. While some tactics such as batch-and-blasts and basic subject lines are becoming obsolete, new forms of email marketing are gaining attention because they work. For example, a relatively new way to create an effective email message is to give it a responsive design – or create a web page that responds to and reads well according to the viewer’s screen size. Here’s why you should consider incorporating responsive designs into your email campaigns.

Most consumers open emails on mobile devices. By now the numbers are clear that most people browse the internet on their mobile devices. According to a study released by comScore in August 2014, a whopping 60 percent of digital media time spent in the U.S. includes activity on smartphones and tablets. Marketers should be not only sending email messages that are mobile-friendly, but will most likely be using their own smartphones to send them.

It’s faster to make. Want to create and send an email campaign faster than you’re doing now? Of course you do. Switch to a responsive design. A responsive design campaign is faster and easier to make. Although it’s important to note that responsive design might require an investment up front. However, once you have a template, you can create and send an email campaign faster than ever before.