Three Steps to Break Email Fatigue

It’s easy for people to get tired of having newsletters and other corporate communications fill their work in-boxes on a daily basis. If you are attempting to reach customers through email campaigns, you need to break through the cycle of email fatigue that can cause people to automatically trash or ignore information that would otherwise be useful or relevant to them.

How can you do that? Here are a few simple tips to create email campaigns that stand out in an email in-box and that people want to open:

Give Readers Something of Lasting Value: Continually promising readers “big savings” or “a limited time offer” if they open your email will only go so far. Eventually, readers will gloss over your promises and stop opening your emails. Instead of trying to sell to email subscribers, give the relevant information that can help them in their daily lives. This can be in the form of topical lists or eBooks covering topics relevant to their industry.

Automate Your Email Campaigns: Picking the right timing and frequency of your email is critical to making sure the get read by subscribers. Automate your campaigns so that recipients receive them at the start of their workday before they get too busy to read them. Creating a series of related emails can also build you up as an expert on a subject and make readers want to read more.

Let Subscribers Have Flexible Subscription Options: Don’t force your customers to choose between getting all of your newsletters and emails or none at all — too many will choose the latter option. Instead, give customers flexibility to only get important emails or opt out of newsletters.