Three Tips to Improve Google+ Marketing

If you use Google+ to market your business, and want to improve your reach, then there are ways by which you can strengthen engagement. This will not only get people to pay more attention to your posts but also find your product interesting enough to consider purchasing. Having said that, here are 3 tips to improve your Google+ marketing:

1). Follow this Formula When Adding Posts
If you intend to encourage engagement, then posts have to written according to formatting that works with Google+. Post titles should be no more than 40 characters while summaries of posts should be no more than 159 characters too. You can either add your own personal insight, a question or a call-to-action. Finally, add a link if you are using an image or video as well as at least three to five hashtags for Google Search and discovery in Google+.

2). Stick to the Topic
An excellent example to illustrate this is the company, Just Guns. With restrictions such as no online transactions allowed for their products and only engaging with an audience of 21 and above, the company stays on topic where they both entertain and educate their audience.

As a result, they have almost 2000 visits to their website as well received 600 calls too.

What you must keep in mind is that while mixing it up is also necessary, staying on topic and being consistent with your posts definitely count for a lot.

3). Share Business Posts from Personal Pages
Time is an important factor if you run your own business where managing both your personal and brand page can be rather exhausting. So, by sharing (and linking) posts from your business page to your personal one, you can save on time while extending your reach as a result. Adding personal thoughts and value to the post also makes difference too as it humanizes your brand.