What Are the Top Ecommerce Platforms for Web Design?

The ecommerce platform market is saturated with various types of software. The thing is, if you’re starting out, which program is best suited for your store?

If you’ve done some research prior to reading this article, you’ve no doubt come across some of the more popular names like Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Volusion, BigCartel, and 3dCart. As a newbie to the industry, does it truly matter which platform you select or is it all the same?

Here are some of the pros and cons that will motivate your decision on the most ecommerce platforms available today.

Now let’s break down each platform in detail to get a better understanding of what you’re getting with each:


Magento, all in all, is dominating the ecommerce community. The community edition is free to download, powerful, and versatile. It’s feature-rich with flexible options for nearly all languages and currencies. The flexible API architecture allows for thousands of extensions. New to Magento? An in-depth training is available to help you get started. And, if you’re growing into a larger business, Magento offers their Enterprise version for larger merchants.


WooCommerce has been surging in popularity over the years and is quickly becoming one of the most utilized platforms for many businesses. WooCommerce is different than Shopify and Magento in that it’s a plugin for WordPress. Furthermore, you can easily customize WooCommerce with a multitude of plugins that can be easily integrated with a click of a button to match your preferences. The vast community surrounding WordPress allows for numerous developmental resources in the case you run into and technical issues.


Shopify separates itself from Magento in that it’s a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform, meaning that it’s not open source or downloadable – the code is proprietary. Shopify was created for users that yearned for simplification. For the less tech-savvy merchants out there, Shopify is perfect for you. Hosting and technical support is provided – which is great for amateur ecommerce users. And, it comes installed with numerous basic payment options.


If you’re looking to create a store without having to deal with the technicalities of doing so, Bigcommerce is for you. There are a variety of different templates to choose from and you have the ability to work with a live design expert to create your ideal ecommerce store. The experts at Bigcommerce can also offer you training on SEO and marketing while assisting you with migration from other platforms. The strong customer support team is what makes Bigcommerce truly stand out, they’re available at any time and go into full detail with any question that you might have.

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